Global Healthcare Academy (GHA) is India’s first Med-Ed-Tech academy. GHA has been instituted with a mission to develop competent and compassionate human resources for the healthcare sector. 
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Why Choose GHA Academy?

Learn using VR: Enhance your learning skills using visual reality. 
Learn together & grow: Collaborate with mentors to learn new technologies.
Learn from experts: Interact with experts from top hospitals and medical institutions.
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Learn Using VR

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Learn Together & Grow

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Learn With Experts


Virtual reality (VR) technology is emerging as a powerful tool in medical training and has been proven by multiple studies to be 500% more effective in training / skill mastery.

In medical education, simulation is an effective method because it mimics pre-hospital patient situations and facilitates learning and development of psychomotor skills for demonstrating procedural skills, decision-making, and critical thinking without affecting the patient.

GHA plans to deliver these immersive VR training courses to more than 20,000 healthcare professionals globally in 2022. This will be one of the largest deployments of VR-based training in the world.
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Hi I am Doctor Snehal Shah and i attented the 2 days course an intense couse for Robotics and i got a lot of information about how the Robotic work and simulator, i tried mastering the skills that i learnt in this 2 days and i feel this course will be helpful for  consultants and to young consultants because robotics is here to stay and coming future.
 Dr. Snehal Shah 
Head & Neck Onco Surgeon
Hello this is Doctor Vivek Shetty I'm a Head and Neck Surgeon from Narayana Health Hospital Bangalore. we were introduced and were explained the various parts of the robots and showed us how each part works, how they are connected right from the basics, then showed how to use it on patients, how to connect the bots, how to plan the locations of the various arms, inserctions and also Console / Simulator training as well. 
 Dr. Vivek Shetty
Head & Neck Onco Surgeon
I really want to thank Global Healthcare Academy who have organized this wonderful course and workshop, i would also like to thank the intuitive people because the training that we received through the simulator / consoleand then by Dr. Dabas who did the Neck Dissection and the kind of neck dissection he has done with the robot is totally excellent and i really look forward to that and one day definitely will be a robotic surgeon and will be definitely will be taking home something good so thank you.

 Dr. Atish Kundu
Head & Neck Oncosurgeon & Maxillofacial Surgeon