Get the best insights on Neonatal ventilation. This course goes beyond simply keeping tiny lungs breathing. It explores the art of gentle ventilation, prioritizing the long-term well-being of newborn babies. 


The webinar discussion highlights how to support their developing organs, optimize growth, and minimize risks like lung damage and chronic issues. Through the course, participants can learn the delicate aspect of ensuring their immediate needs while paving the way for a healthy future.

GHA periodically conducts webinars & courses for you to pursue. The recently held webinar provided an overview of the latest trends and the best methods adopted in neonatal ventilation procedures. The webinar was headed by leading experts in the field, and they discussed a variety of topics, some of which are listed as follows:

Course objectives: 

Structure, duration, and target audience. The course aims to provide comprehensive and evidence-based knowledge and skills on neonatal ventilation, from basic principles to advanced modes and strategies. 

Learning outcomes and benefits: 

A summary of the expected learning outcomes and benefits of the course for the learners and their patients. The course will enable the learners to understand the physiology, pathophysiology, and principles of neonatal ventilation, apply appropriate ventilation modes and strategies for different neonatal conditions and scenarios, monitor and evaluate the effects and complications of ventilation, optimize the weaning and extubation process, implement quality improvement and safety measures for neonatal ventilation. 

Course Topics/Modules