Dental implants are a revolutionary advancement in dentistry that has revolutionised the way we think about tooth replacement. Dental implants are small titanium posts that are surgically placed into the jawbone and act as replacement roots for missing teeth. They provide a secure and permanent foundation for replacement teeth and can be used to replace one or more teeth.


This recently conducted webinar aimed to emphasize the importance of the course to educate dental students, and dental practitioners to help them get a thorough understanding through its systematic and structured learning program. The dental program helps the candidate build a strong foundation & provides a good understanding of the following:
  • Diagnosis
  • Basic dental surgery
  • Planning
  • Prosthetic surgery
  • Patient management

Objectives Of This Learning:
  • Learn the fundamentals of implant dentistry
  • Understand the core concepts of surgery and prosthodontics related to implantology
  • Learn the different steps involved in the workflow in planning for Implant Rehabilitation
  • Gain competencies through interactive peer and case-based learning.

Course Topics/Modules