Stay ahead of the curve in the evolving dental landscape! Global Dental Academy, in partnership with Implant Study Group, regularly hosts webinars and GDA courses to equip you with the latest knowledge and skills. Recently, their webinar on Deprogramming: The First Step to Occlusal Rehabilitation offered valuable insights into cutting-edge methods for optimal dental procedures.


Renowned dental experts Dr. Girish Rao, Dr. Anand Krishna, and Dr. Shilpa Shetty led the informative session, sharing their expertise on:

• Deprogramming fundamentals: What it is, and why it's crucial for successful implant treatment.

• Occlusal balance for implant success: Understanding the critical role of proper bite alignment for long-lasting implants.

• Webinar objectives: Gaining a clear understanding of the goals and benefits of deprogramming techniques.

• Centric relation vs. maximum intercuspation position: Differentiating these key concepts for optimal jaw positioning.

• Muscle and proprioceptor influence: Exploring how they impact jaw position and why deprogramming is essential.

• Deprogrammers: Muscle relaxation and centric relation: Uncovering how these tools facilitate muscle relaxation for accurate jaw alignment.

• Types of deprogrammers and their uses: Exploring various deprogrammers, their advantages and disadvantages, and practical tips for effective use.

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