Healthcare Research-Statistical Significance vs Clinical Significance





About The Course

It is incredibly essential that the current clinicians and researchers remain updated with findings of current biomedical literature for evidence-based medicine. However, they come across many types of research that are non-reproducible and are even difficult to interpret clinically. Statistical and clinical significance is one such difficulty that clinicians and researchers face in many instances.

In simpler terms, the "P" value tests all hypotheses about how the data is produced (model as a whole), and not just the targeted hypothesis that is intended to be tested (such as a null hypothesis) keeping in mind how reliable the research results are. Most of the time, it is misinterpreted and misunderstood as a measure to judge the results as clinically significant.

Dr Nagesh Lakshminarayan says that clinicians face problems interpreting the research data with statistical terms, invariably and inevitably most of the research articles make use of statistics and the principle of statistics. This lecture imparts knowledge about the “P” value (Probability Value) and its importance in biostatistics and highlights the difference between statistical and clinical significance for the appropriate interpretation of research results.

Course Lessons