Healthcare Research-Principles of research design





About The Course

A scientific method of gathering and evaluating data to obtain a solution to a problem is what we mean when we say research. The invention of new ideas generally comes from the process of research. Research is conducted by following the scientific method while trying to solve a problem.

The four basic principles of research are classified as:
• Autonomy
• Beneficence
• Non-maleficence
• Justice

The basic principles of experimental design are:
• Randomization
• Replication
• Local Control

The goal of the research is to answer questions. Of course, the question itself must be an important one. We do not address the importance of these notes but see the notes on generating strong (and weak) research ideas.

Even if you have never done a course in research methods, you would have learnt that correlational data can't be used to answer causal questions. Unfortunately, many students and some advanced researchers fail to understand the full implications of this principle.

Course Lessons