Cancer research to publication and implementation





About The Course

Cancer is a leading cause of death around the world. Research studies answer key questions about how cancer works in the body. They also show what tests and treatments may work best. To help improve cancer care, scientists share the results of their studies with other scientists and doctors. They do so by publishing them in medical journals.

Scientists may publish their cancer research, which is done in a laboratory or with volunteers in a clinic. Studies that involve people are known as clinical trials or they may write a review article. A review article looks at the published research on a particular topic. Most cancer research studies are for scientists and medical doctors.
But people with cancer may read them to learn about their disease and treatment options.

Research studies use scientific terms that some people may not know. Talk with your healthcare team if you have questions about the research you find. 
Prof. Ravi Mehrotra covers all aspects of cancer research from research to publication and implementation where all students, practitioners, and scientists in oncology and allied areas, including medical, surgical, and radiation oncologists.

Students and practitioners can benefit from this lecture to improve their clinical practice, treatment outcomes, and publish cancer research studies.

Course Lessons