This training outline will help you to understand the topics we will cover and the sequence and workflow of your upcoming training on the Elekta System & its operational software.
Course Format

Hands-On Training



Estimated Duration

05 Days 


HCG Borivali,
Mumbai, Maharashtra

Hands-on Practicals

10 Hours and 30 Minutes


Including GST

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Course Overview

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The SRS and SBRT have been used for tumours located in the skull, head & neck lung/thorax, thyroid, pancreas, liver, colon, uterus, pelvis, sacrum, kidney, prostate, and thyroid. SRS & SBRT's most important features and reported advantages compared to other forms of external beam radiation therapy (EBRT) are the use of high-dose radiation, the delivery of one to five fractions within a few days, decreasing the overall length of treatment, and improved treatment response.
SRS & SBRT can be difficult to administer because of interfraction or intrafraction movements within the body. Hence SRS & SBRT practitioners need to undergo training and acquire the right skills to practice this procedure. SRS & SBRT can be delivered by dedicated and non-dedicated linear accelerators. Hence, hands-on practice on the equipment is also essential for aspiring practitioners. In this course, we cover all aspects of SRS & SBRT and all sites.
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Learning Objective

In this course, you will perform SRS & SBRT planning techniques with Monaco. The hands-on experience gained in this course can assist you in implementing SRS and SBRT workflow in your clinic.
 Tasks include a quick review of the navigation of the system, contouring tools, fusing study sets, planning tools, calculating dose to a 3D plan, applying sequence and calculation parameters, planning with biological cost functions, and using the various tools for plan review.
You can create a QA plan as well as perform various exercises with the Monaco planning workflow, parameters, and cost functions to apply these skills/tasks in the clinic.

Outcomes & Methodologies

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Learning Outcomes

• Build a team to implement and practice SRS & SBRT
• Understand the technical and physical requirements for SRS & SBRT
• Know the clinical rationale of SRS& SBRT and its limitations
• Understand the radiobiological basis of very high fraction doses
• Know the details of indication, practice, and outcome of SRS & SBRT for early-stage NSCLC
• Know the current clinical evidence for SRS & SBRT in the various clinical indications

Learning Methodologies

• In Person Didactic Lectures
• Live Interactive Sessions
• Learning Materials will be available through Learning Management System (includes PPTs, Notes, Further Reading, Videos, etc.)
• Hands-on Training - System and Software

Course Structure

01 Day 

  • Setting The Scene - Basics Of Stereotactic Treatments

  • Stereotactic Journey – Clinical Applications

  • Stereotactic Technology – Physics

02 Day

  • SRS Planning Session

03 Day

  • SBRT Lung Planning Session

04 Day

  • SBRT Liver Planning Session

  • SBRT Paraspinal Planning Session

05 Day

  • SBRT Prostate Planning Session
  • SBRT Other Sites Parallel Session
  • Demonstration At Machine room Session
  • SRS/ SBRT Patient Treatment Session


The course consists of 05 days of in-class training.


The intended audience for the ELEKTA System training class includes radiation oncologists, medical physicists and radiation therapists.

Course Mentors

Dr. Ramesh S Bilimagga

MBBS, MD (Radiation Oncology),
Diploma (Radiation Medicine),
Diploma (Medical Law and Ethics)

Dr. Shyam Kishore Shrivastava

MBBS, MD (Radiation Oncology),
DNB (Radiation Oncology)

Meet Our Faculties

Dr. A Pichandi

Director - Medical Physics at Health Care Global Ent.

Dr. Trinanjan Basu

MBBS, MD (Radiation Oncology)

Dr. Jerrin Amalraj

HCG Enterprises Ltd Medical Physics Doctor of Philosophy

Dr. Upasna Saxena

Consultant Radiation Oncology

Dr. Bhavin Visariya

MBBS, MD (Radiation Oncology)

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