Course Format

Online - 
10 Modules

Course Modules and Duration

 45-60 Min per session

Course Certification

GDA Certificate on completion


₹5310/- Including GST

Foundation Course In Implantology

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About The Course

The Foundation in Implantology course aims to introduce young dental students and practitioners to the exciting world of implantology. Oral Implantology is a fascinating subject and has developed and progressed into a central core of the art and science of dentistry. This field has exponentially grown & embraced by virtually every component and aspect of dentistry.

This course will open up new avenues for tooth replacement as implantology is the solution in most rehabilitations and the most essential part of any dental practice all over the world today. Through the course, the participants will obtain a strong and sturdy foundation in diagnosis, planning, basic surgical and prosthetic aspects along with patient management.

Course Overview:
A comprehensive, structured, systematic learning program enables the practitioner to acquire the basic knowledge and strong foundation in dental implantology. It will also boost the practitioner’s clinical skills necessary to place and restore Dental Implants in a safe and predictable manner.

Learning Objectives:
  • Learn the fundamentals of implant dentistry
  • Understand the core concepts of surgery and prosthodontics related to implantology
  • Step by step workflow in planning a case for Implant Rehabilitation
  • Apply the competences gained through interactive peer and case-based learning.

Learning Methodology:
  • Online lectures 
  • Meet the mentor (Live)
  • Learning materials will be available through learning management system (Includes PPTs, notes, further reading, videos etc.)

Learning Outcomes:

  • Have a clear understanding about the basic principles of Implantology
  • Anatomy and physiology of bone and soft-tissue
  • Usage of different Implant systems
  • Importance of good planning and tools for the same
  • Diagnostic, surgical, and prosthetic steps including it's workflow in implant rehabilitation in a patient with clinical case scenarios

Eligibility Criteria:
The course is specially designed to serve multiple groups of learners:
  • From beginners, intermediate and experienced general dental practitioners and specialists who want to establish extensive knowledge in implant dentistry
  • Dental students, interns and recent graduates who wish to gain understanding of implant dentistry and increase their competence in implant related practice. 

Course Topics/Modules

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Our Course Faculty


Professor and Consultant
Maxillofacial Surgeon


Professor and Consultant