The First International Spine Endoscopic Cadaveric Workshop

After the course, you will know the standardized endoscopic approaches to the lumbar spine and indication criteria.
  • Practical exercises for participants on training models
  • Live demonstrations of full-endoscopic lumbar surgeries
  • Theoretical steps for interlaminar / transforaminal technique
Course Date and Format

October, 2023

Module & Duration

Interlaminar/ One Day

Course Certification

GHA Certificate on completion


Dissector Rs 30000+ taxes

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About the course

Traditionally spine surgeons have been dealing the disc prolapses through posterior approach. It started with wide laminectomy and then hemi laminectomy came into vogue. With the advent of operating microscope we settled with a fenestration. All these approaches end in muscle retraction and some scarring of the para vertebral muscles.
Interlaminar endoscopy is a very minimalistic approach. It is done through the muscles using a key hole entry. Damage to the posterior elements is kept to a minimum. Since all the spine surgeons are familiar with the posterior approach, the learning curve is not very steep. All the traditional land marks are utilized in this approach.

Course Topics/Modules

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Faculty/Course Instructor

Dr. Sai Sudarsan

Dr. Gaurav Chamle