Introduction To Robotics for Maxillofacial Surgery

Robotic surgery is the most advanced form of minimally invasive surgery. A certified robotic surgeon can perform head and neck surgical procedures with enhanced precision, improved dexterity and allowing them to optimise treatment compared with traditional techniques and other minimally invasive procedures.
Course Format

Hands-On Training


Sept, 2023

Course Certification

GHA,INTUITIVE Certificate on completion


Rs 20,000/- + 18% GST

About The Course

Learning Objective:
  • Defining the robotic surgical platform, its features, setup and organisational requirements, and troubleshooting measures.
  • Developing the psychomotor skills required to safely operate the da Vinci robotic surgical platform.
  • Leveraging surgical case observation in defining how the robotic surgical platform is integrated into the operating room and how the platform can be best utilized in clinical practice.
  • Developing clinical efficiency through comprehensive team training.
  • Guidance for Equivalency training / Fellowship opportunity.

Learning Methodology:
  • During this program, your experience will include:
  • Exposure to discussions on robotic technology, human factors and surgical evaluation tools
  • Robotic surgical platform training
  • Hands-on simulation, dry lab experiences
  • Skill drill exercises
  • Surgical case observation
  • Development of competencies and skills to safely operate the Intuitive Surgical DaVinci Robot.

Learning Outcome:
A certified robotic Surgeon can perform Head and Neck surgical procedures with enhanced precision,
improved dexterity and allowing them to optimise treatment compared with traditional techniques and other minimally invasive procedures. Using robotic surgery, surgeons can perform delicate and complex procedures that may have been difficult or impossible with other methods. The journey of a certified Robotic Head and Neck Surgeon starts with understanding and getting familiar with the advanced systems, followed by rigorous skill drill exercises and on-site training leading to a formal assessment to be certified as a Trainee Surgeon. After accomplishing this the surgeon with adequate experience and exposure to open surgery can apply for dedicated proctorship program under the guidance of Senior Robotic Surgeons to master the art of robotic surgery and to demonstrate adequate proficiency. After completing the equivalency pathway training the surgeon is given the coveted tag of a Robotic Surgeon with permanent credentialing to use the advanced robotic system as a console surgeon.

Course Topics/Modules

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Course Director

Dr (Prof) U S Vishal Rao

Group Director - Head & Neck Surgical
Oncology & Robotic Surgery,
HCG Hospitals, Bangalore
Dean- Centre of Academics & Research
HealthCare Global (HCG) Cancer Centre

Course Faculty

Dr. Girish Rao
Senior Consultant
Faciomaxillary Surgeon
Dr. Anand Subash
Head & Neck Surgical Oncologist
and Robotic Surgeon &
HCG Hospitals Bengaluru
Dr. Shalini Thakur
Consultant, Department of
Head & Neck Surgical Oncology,
HCG Hospital Bengaluru